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FRAUD PREVENTION, DETECTION and REPORTING for Recipients of Medicaid Services

As a recipient of services offered by Children’s Home Care, it is necessary that rules be followed. The rules are not just our rules, but the rules and laws of the State of Texas and the Federal government.

If you receive services paid for by Medicaid, you are required to abide by the regulations, limitations, and responsibilities set forth by the State and Federal governments. Any recipient breaking the rules and committing fraud is likely to face legal charges and lose Medicaid eligibility.

As a recipient of Medicaid services through Children’s Home Care, you are required to comply with the following:

  1. Parents/guardians are required to sign the nursing note or therapist visit note at the completion of the shift/visit. By signing the note the parent/guardian is verifying that the nursing shift or therapy visit was done and that the times indicated on the note are accurate. Never sign a blank note in advance of a shift or visit.
  2. There should never be an exchange of gifts, money, or favors between the parent/guardian and the nurse, therapist, or any company representative.
  3. No reward can be offered for a referral.
  4. Any suspicion of fraud must be reported immediately.

It should be noted that the Texas and Federal governments are both heavily enforcing the anti-fraud rules and regulations and expect that all providers will comply. Children’s Home Care is in complete agreement with the governments’ stance on this issue and will abide by all existing rules and regulations. We expect our clients, nurses, and therapists will do the same.

If a parent/guardian is asked by any nurse, therapist, or company representative to participate in any fraudulent activity, or if you suspect fraud of any kind, please contact the agency Administrator at:

Erik Casperson, MBA