Private Duty Nursing and Therapy Specialists

CHC offers Private Duty Nursing care by a licensed professional RN or LVN who is supervised by a Clinical Manager. We only recruit pediatric nurses to care for your medically fragile child.

Children Are Our Only Clients

Children’s Home Care is a Texas licensed home health agency specializing in the care of medically fragile, technology dependent, and chronically ill children. At Children’s Home Care we average better than 95% staffing of all available authorized hours! That is 20% higher than Texas state average of 75%. The difference is that at Children’s Home Care, we really do CARE for you and your child and we work to get your case staffed to the maximum number of authorized hours.

Services We Provide

Physical Therapy, Children's Home Care, Houston

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Nurse visit, Children's Home Care, Houston

Private Duty Nursing

Nurse visit, Children's Home Care, Houston

Medical Social Worker

Comprehensive Care

In order to provide comprehensive care and attention to both the physical and psychosocial needs, we offer Private Duty Nursing, Therapy (PT, OT, ST), and medical social worker services. Attention is focused on quality care and the needs of the children and their families.

It is the goal of the entire staff of Children’s Home Care to enable children with compromising health issues to grow, develop, and thrive in their homes surrounded by a family that loves them and by nurses who truly care for their welfare.

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